My Goal

It’s funny how selling activewear seems to be the smallest part of what my business is about. I have always said that if you think I’m just selling leggings then you aren’t paying attention. What started out as selling leggings turned in to purpose and that purpose turned in to something much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

I believe we all have been given a gift in this life to make an impact on the world and make it a better place. Turns out my gift came in the form of leggings. And the best part…that gift is available to EVERYONE!

– With Love Lace



When I decided to join Zyia, signing up with Lacy was a no brainer.  She has created a training page that helps us learn the business. We are able to use her documents to help train our reps. She wants us all to have success in our businesses and creates ways to help us with the ways that has worked for her. She has consistent trainings with other top reps in the company that also share what has worked for them. I love that she wants us to have the success she has. She doesn’t just focus on her level one girls she helps her entire downline! Lacy is the leader you hope to have in your circle!

Lacy is an amazing leader. She blends an amazing personality with passion and tangible strategies to be successful in this business. She balances high expectations with empathy and flexibility. Blessed to be a member of her team.

Because of Lacy I was able to jump start my business after a few months of being sidelined.   She helped put a workable plan in place that fits into my busy life. She continues to share her time and her trails & errors.  She consistently show grace and patience with me and others as we grow with Zyia.
As I grow a team, she has inspired me to also show grace and patience as we all learn what is best for each individual. Thank you Lacy

I love the Zyia light n tight leggings! They are high waisted and have great compression. They are my go to workout or everyday leggings and I have tried many other top brands. Also Lacy is amazing. She is super helpful when I ask about products and is relatable.

Lacy has been the most amazing leader I could possibly ask for. She has been there every step of the way for me, she has answered every question I have ever needed help with and most importantly, she believes in me!

Lacy is the most incredible, rockstar of a leader and I feel so blessed to have her as not only my sponsor, but as my friend. Lacy genuinely cares about every single person on her team and she cares about our success. We can count on Lacy to congratulate us on our success before we even have the chance to tell her our good news! She watches all of us and is right there with us cheering us on every single stinking day. She picks us up when we fall down and always gives the best advice and tips to get us back on track. Lacy is amazing!

Zyia clothes are totally as amazing as they claim!!! I was so impressed how way lacy made it for me to host a party, and how fun and involved she was with all of my party!!! I was nervous when I got my shipment, put them on , and now I understand!!!! So awesome! Love love the joggers!!!

I just love this girl. She keeps me informed what is new and makes me laugh often. I pretty much love every top I have from zyia

Lacy Christensen has been a great asset to my business. Her leadership skills are outstanding and I have learned so much from her in such short time being under her leadership. She challenges us all to do our best in order to succeed and achieve the kind of business we hope and dream to have. Every challenge she gives us brings me more out of my comfort zone and gets me more comfortable being uncomfortable. Lacy is such a Blessing in my life and in my Zyia Business!!

Lacy is such an inspiration to me.  She has pushed and challenged me to come out of my comfort zone in this business.  She is a great leader, motivator and dear friend.  Thank you Lacy for everything and thank you for being you.  I ❤ you!!!

It’s hard for me to even put into words how much Lacy has helped me & my business! About five months in I was really struggling with my business. I had no clue what I was doing or what direction I needed to take to have success & was really considering quitting. Around this same time Lacy reached out to her entire team offering her guidance & support. I connected with her & from that moment on everything changed for me & my business! Lacy gave me guidance, support, accountability & best part of it all we became

life long friends. She’s an amazing person & mentor and I will forever be grateful for her coaching & friendship. My business would not be where it is today without her continued guidance & support!!

This girl is so sweet and helps u with all ur zyia needs :) I love watching her live videos she’s got a great personality. Deff looking into buying some zyia soon